We are creating sustainable travel accommodation and a platform for responsible travelers to relax in the Redhouse village and the surrounding communities in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 

We encourage responsible travelling and give travelers opportunities to actively support local communities as they travel though the Eastern Cape and South Africa.

The Redhouse village and surrounding communities are currently involved in various Music Therapy, Art, Permaculture, Conservancy, Education, Internships and Social projects. 28 towpath is located in a quiet Village, on the edge of Port Elizabeth,10km from beach,45km from Addo and other Game Parks. We hope to attract like minded musicians, artists, surfers, windsurfers, watersports people, rowers, travellers, wwoofers, warmshower cycle tourists, meditaters, music therapists, permaculture gardeners, healers, yogis and people who like good food and need swimming lessons. we support autism awareness.

Contact : markwatts80@gmail.com

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