a travel experience

The unique experience of an Alternate Economy will be on offer this weekend, which will offer you a different way of interacting Socially. Besides this will be our Stock Standard experiences of Homegrown Food, Fishing, SUPing, Accommodation, Sunrises and Sunsets over the River.

You’ll be the primary economy, as such we’re working with you to make various options available for payment; whether that be cash, trade, or any suitably reasonable offers…

This weekend we’ll be doing something that we’ve never done before……..

The Covid stuff: we’ll all be responsible and wear our masks, fill in forms, social distance, don’t pass Zols around etc Unfortunately, we can’t open an invitation to the public, so it’s reserved for Family and Friends only. Please let Mark or Tine know if you’ll be joining us. We hope to see you sometime or all the time during this weekend (Fri 6th Nov – Sun 8th )

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