Responsible Accommodation

We are continuously adding and designing natural and harmonious systems to the property in an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint whilst staying here. These types of systems and designs helps you, the traveler, reduce your daily carbon footprint whilst staying here. This is responsible accommodation for a responsible traveler.



Greywater harvesting: The water that we use while we take a shower, brush our teeth, wash our clothes and wash the dishes is sent via a pipe into specifically designed greywater systems in the garden. Nutrients from grey water or urine waste are taken up both by the heavy feeding trees and plants that have been planted. In this way it is possible to deal with soap and detergent residues, and oils found in grey water. It is important, however, to avoid harsh chemicals and to make smart choices about household products — choosing those that have very low levels of salts and phosphates. You are welcome to use the products that we use.


Bathroom greywater system – a babana circle The bathrooms shower and basin water are flowing into 3 banana pits, feeding the banana, paw paw and tomato trees. Greywater is sent via a pipe to the ‘basin’ around which the bananas are planted. Because the hole is lined with either paper/cardboard or banana leaves, the water gathers and is absorbed into the sides of the basin, irrigating plants. Nutrients from grey water are also taken up by micro-organisms active in the compost pile in the middle.

kitchen dishes grey water system

Kitchen dishes grey water system

Laundry greywater is lead into the swale of the fruit forest

Laundry greywater is lead into a swale in the fruit forest


Recycling food scraps – a garden compost bin serves a dual purpose of offering a spot for recycling kitchen waste and providing nutrients to the plants, basil, wild garlic, spinach, peas, pumpkins, melons

Solar powered hot water geyser – hot water used in the household is heated by the sun. Not electricity. We’re conscious about electricity by timing our showers for the time of day when we now there’ll be hot water


Recycling waste-


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