Volunteer on the Riverfront

Have you ever wanted to learn more about permaculture, connect with nature, meet new people from different walks of Life and learn how the Travel Industry can positively impact the communities?

International Volunteering is quintessential to the essence of what is being created, a Platform for responsible traveling.

Hi, we are Mark and Tine, a couple in our early 40’s with a 3 year old Son Adam and have 70 year old parents. Pagels is in his 40’s and rides to work on his bicycle with his fishing rods from the nearby township. Paida and Dee are in their early 20’s, from Zimbabwe, love creating delicious food and live on the property too.
Together we’ve started a small family run home-stay accommodation on the riverfront in a small beautiful village on the edge of PE as a platform for travelers to serve the Redhouse village and the surrounding township communities.

What type of help do we need?

  • Gardening in permaculture designed fruit and veg garden
  • Social Media
  • Help create a sociable vibe for travelling guests
  • Shopping
  • General Maintenance
  • DIY and building projects

Who would be a good fit?

We are looking for openminded individuals that want to use their talents  and offer a Platform for from them to do so. We love to connect, teach and help where we can. Our Philosophy of Volunteering is important to us and would love to share this with others. We had many Volunteers already enjoying their stay with us, once we were Volunteers as well.

Where are we?

We are located in a quiet Village, on the edge of Port Elizabeth, 10km from the beach, 45km from Game Parks hopes to attract like minded musicians, artists, permaculture gardeners, surfers, windsurfers, watersports people, rowers, travelers, cycle tourists, meditaters, music therapists, healers, yogis and people who like good food and need swimming lessons and we support autism awareness.

Sunset on the river off the jetty

For more information contact us to apply and be our next Volunteer