Responsible Tourism

It’s more than just a journey; it’s a conscious choice to travel with respect. Responsible tourism is about exploring the world while leaving a positive impact on the places you visit and the people you encounter. It involves sustainable practices that protect the environment, support local communities, and promote cultural understanding. When you embrace responsible tourism, you not only enrich your own travel experiences but also contribute to the well-being of the destinations you explore, ensuring they thrive for generations to come. 🌍✨ #RiverfrontResponsibleTourism #TravelWithPurpose

Township Experiences

At Riverfront Homestay, we believe that travel should go beyond exploration; it should be a platform for meaningful connections and positive change.
That’s why we proudly engage in responsible social tourism, fostering a deeper understanding of the communities that surround us.

We’ve got loads of friends from Motherwell who’d love to welcome you to their homes and businesses, Ask us who’s available and we’ll pass on their contact details.
We love supporting the Soup kitchen, recycling center, art Gallery, and Pallet restaurant.

🌟 Join us on an eye-opening journey through the heart of the township. Our tours take you to vital locations like the Motherwell recycling center, where sustainability takes root, and the heartwarming soup kitchens that nourish both body and soul.

🛍️ Supporting Local Businesses: Discover the entrepreneurial spirit of the township as we visit small businesses thriving against the odds. From artisans crafting unique treasures to neighborhood shops, your visit directly contributes to the growth of these local gems.

🎨 Celebrating Artists: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of local artists, whose creativity knows no bounds. Explore galleries and workshops, where art becomes a powerful medium for expression and unity.

Green Garden & Permaculture


Over the past 15 years we’ve been harvesting Water and making compost ,

with the help of tourists and volunteers,

Ask us about what fresh food is currently available and we’d love to give you a tour.


Volunteering At The Riverfront

We are creating a sustainable riverfront travel accommodation and a platform for travelers to serve the Redhouse village and the surrounding communities in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

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